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An update on Dave

These are a few photos of my husband, Dave, the love of my life, my friend, my helpmate, my advisor, my protector. We each served in these roles for each other. Our 50th wedding anniversary is upcoming on June 3, 2022.

Dave refused to get a covid vaccine despite a health history that put him at high risk. I chose to be vaccinated and boostered to protect us both. I also made many other life adjustments to try to protect him; many of these he found to be annoying. I wore my mask. He wore these when they were required by mandate or store policy, but he left his nose uncovered.

Dave came down with a "cold", which I caught two days later. He refused to seek medical advice or testing. He continued to protest when he deteriorated and I called for an ambulance to transport him to the emergency department.

He tested positive for covid, and so did I. I wasn't allowed to see him in ICU until about 4 hours before his death. I thank God I was able to be with him, that we were able to tell each other that we loved each other, and that I was able to surround him with love and prayer as he passed from this life to the next.

I have now completely recovered from covid. 

I go to plan his funeral today.

Please, get your vaccines and get a booster when you are eligible. Take steps to protect yourself and others. I know the news reports can be confusing and seem to change daily, but you CAN take steps to help yourself and others stay healthy or mitigate the chances of severe disease and death.

Do it for yourself. 

Do it for those you love. 

Do it for me.

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