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Wine country - aaaahhh!

For the next few weeks I will be sharing some images from our trip to France. See the post from 11/27/23 for information about the purpose of our trip.

The grape harvest had just begun. The grape vines are tightly packed, and it's hard to imagine being able to drive a tractor through the narrow rows without  severely damaging the crops! These fields of grapes extend for mile upon mile.
We had the opportunity to tour the winery at Chateau de Marsannay
The bright red spots on this map are the grape vines belonging to this winery. When someone
inherits grapevines, they are faced with steep inheritance taxes and often must sell sections of the vines
they inherit. This results in scattered holdings that must present a challenge come harvest time!
This was just one of the cellars where the wine is stored until the proper time for bottling.
Here our guide showed how the soil, rock, pH, and drainage impact the quality of the wine.
Of course we had to try the wares - and the wine was quite delicious.
A view from the chateau to the lush fields of grape vines.

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