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The Magdala Center

The Magdala Center is located in Migdal, the home of Mary Magdalene, in the Galilee. It is the site of a synagogue dating from the time of Christ, one of only seven in the world dating from the Second Temple period. It is likely a place where Jesus would have visited as he traveled through the Galilee during his earthly ministry. It was discovered in 2009 when plans were underway to build a retreat house there. In the process, these historic ruins were uncovered.

The Magdala Stone is thought by some to be modeled after the Second Temple, which existed from 50 BC until its destruction in 100 AD. The menorah pictured here is the only one of its kind discovered to date. It is believed that this particular synagogue was destroyed during the period of Jewish revolt against the Romans in the years 55 to 70 AD.

Duc in Altum church is built adjacent to the ruins of the Magdala Center. It overlooks the Sea of Galilee and features this lovely mural. It depicts Jesus' healing of a woman who suffered from bleeding for many years when she touched the hem of his robe. (Luke 8:43-48)
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